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TaCEP // 276 – DEU // Nico Baumgarten
TaCEP // 276 – DEU // Nico Baumgarten

Transatlantic Carpark Exchange Program
Demonstrations in the Aesthetics of Public Vehicular Storage.

ISSUE n°276 — DEU
images and text by Nico Baumgarten
risograph printed in an edition of 235

TaCEP is a collaborative effort to facilitate the travel of carparks around the world. This publication re-frames the observation of carparks and their surrounding landscape as an act in everyday life; Demonstrating the context and importance of this piece of humble architecture depends on this gesture more than ever.

Through the gaze of the various international artists, these pieces of the mundane landscape can see what we take for granted—the rest of the world around us. Using them as piece of everyday inspiration to explore our modern day existence — We can only convey that you do the same.

TaCEP is organized by:
Oliver Griffin // Bordom & Theory
Travis Shaffer // theretherenow.

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