• Image of CONTAINED HEREIN by Chase Barnes

CONTAINED HEREIN is the first editioned artist's book by Chase Barnes

This book is a collection of images which serve to describe, incriminate, and elude. The sequence of CONTAINED HEREIN suggests a covert machinery at work beneath the surface of even the most unassuming images of utility — a machinery which left unchecked bears down on our agency with a steady and ubiquitous precision. Through parsing relationships between the image’s function and its referent, CONTAINED HEREIN invites ambivalence towards the descriptive power of images and their participation in both acts of exposure and of concealment. Pictures are fast-moving goods with terrible secrets.

The images of CONTAINED HEREIN are sourced from the ULINE product catalog, personal collections of security envelopes and textual screenshots from across the internet, and declassified FBI surveillance conducted on SVR sleeper agents posing as US Citizens — a 10 year investigation dubbed Operation Ghost Stories.

5" x 6"
36 pages
screen-printed cover
[4 separate security envelope patterns]
book sealed with ULINE sticker
sharpie redacted title

designed and bound by


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